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How to Apply

To apply for a job at Salvo Grima Group, simply open the vacancy your are interested in, fill the form, add your attachments and submit. Please ensure that your application includes a cover letter, a detailed resume, and any other relevant documents.

We appreciate your interest in joining the Salvo Grima Group team and look forward to hearing from you!

Current Vacancies

Benefits for working at Salvo Grima

At Salvo Grima, we are always on the lookout for smart business-minded people who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and seek personal growth with a passion for Procurement, Sales, Distribution, Travel Retail and Ship Supply.

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Opportunities to Travel
Career Growth
Work-life balance
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Salvo Grima Success Story

In 2016, Jane Doe started at Travel Retail as a bubbly sales associate. Her infectious enthusiasm charmed customers and colleagues. Soon, she wasn’t just selling souvenirs, but crafting personalized experiences. Noticing her spark, the manager mentored Jane, teaching her inventory, merchandising, and customer service nuances.

When the manager retired, Jane’s dedication and knowledge made her the natural choice. Now, at the helm, Jane’s passion continues to inspire, transforming the branch into a vibrant haven for travel dreams.

Now, as manager, it's my privilege to empower my team to do the same, turning every purchase into a passport to adventure!

3-Step Recruitment Process

At Salvo Grima, we understand the value of your time. Our streamlined recruitment process ensures efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s how we make it simple for both candidates and our team:

  • We meticulously review CVs and applications to identify qualified candidates for the available roles.
  • Our goal is to match skills, experience, and potential with the job requirements.
  • First Interviews:
    • We conduct initial interviews to assess candidates’ qualifications and suitability for the position.
  • Second Interviews:
    • Shortlisted candidates proceed to a second interview.
    • This stage provides an opportunity for candidates to shine and demonstrate how they can contribute to our company.
    • Depending on the role, we may also administer personality and skill assessments.
  • Once we’ve found the right fit, our HR team reaches out to the chosen candidate.
  • We discuss the job offer, benefits, and address any questions or concerns.

Our values

Striving to Excel

Driving a Change

Making a Difference

Being Accountable

Being Respectful

Working as a Team

Keeping Positive

Having a Global Mindset

Driving Entrepreneurship

Acting with Integrity