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Whilst starting the new year with a vibrant and positive energy for new projects, we shed light on some major works that the Salvo Grima Foundation has been working on, paving the way to new and innovative endeavors.

Thanks to ReCoop-The Restoration and Conservation Coop Ltdfor the brilliant work on the restoration of a pair of marine themed paintings by Anton Schranz, presented to the curator of the Mdina Cathedral Museum, Edgar Vella.

These famous paintings portraying the Valletta Harbour in the early 1800’s are very much in line with our roots and reflect the origins of Salvo Grima including the location of our first establishment which still stands to this very day. These oil on canvas works of art were cleaned and fully restored respectively, thereafter presented back to display as part of the collection of the Cathedral Museum under the magnificent care of Mdina Metropolitan Chapter

The Foundation gives special focus to education and charity within the local history and culture, especially when the subject is so close to our humble origins.