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PURCHASING ASSISTANT – We are now looking for a Purchasing Assistant to join our team, based in Malta, on a full-time basis. The role will involve, but is not limited to the following: processing of quotations and orders, maintaining and developing strong relationships with current and potential suppliers, negotiating prices, delivery terms, and discounts with suppliers, participating in stock taking exercises, etc. The ideal candidate would have a reasonable level of computer literacy, be fluent in both written and spoken English, be highly motivated and organised, and be able to work one weekend every three weeks joining part of a roster. 

LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE – We are now looking for a Logistics Executive to join our team, based in The Netherlands, on a full-time basis. The role will involve, but is not limited to the following: processing of orders in our data system, checking and processing transport and customs documents, planning of transportation, archiving and management of certification, and general support to linked departments. The ideal candidate would have a minimum education of MBO 4, possess an eye for accuracy a flexible attitude, and have a strong understanding of both the Dutch and English language. Additional languages would be considered a bonus.

COMMERCIAL MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE – We are now looking for a Commercial Marketing Representative to join our team, based in Libya, on a full-time basis. The primary role is to provide direct support to our local manager, deal with the day-to-day management of the office, and coordinate Salvo Grima’s marketing activities in Libya. Additional duties and responsibilities may include: leading marketing campaigns, building and maintaining customer relationships, daily market monitoring and reporting on general business and competitor activity, and more. The ideal candidate would be a native speaker of Arabic, possess a basic understanding of English, be able to multitask and work under tight deadlines, and possess a strong grasp of Microsoft Office.

مندوب تسويق تجاري

“ممثل التسويق التجاري – نحن نبحث الآن عن مندوب تسويق تجاري للانضمام إلى فريقنا ، ومقره في ليبيا ، ويجب أن يكون متفرغ. الدور الأساسي هو تقديم الدعم المباشر لمديرنا المحلي ، والتعامل اليومي مع الإدارة اليومية للمكتب ، وتنسيق الأنشطة التسويقية لشركة Salvo Grima في ليبيا. قد تشمل المهام والمسؤوليات الإضافية: قيادة الحملات التسويقية ، وبناء علاقات الزبائن والحفاظ عليها ، ومراقبة حركة السوق اليومية وإعداد التقارير حول الأعمال العامة ونشاط المنافسين. المرشح المثالي سيكون متحدثًا أصليًا للغة العربية، ولديهالمفاهيم الاساسية للغة الإنجليزية، ويكون قادرًا على القيام بمهام متعددة والعمل في ظل مواعيد ضيقة ، ويمتلك مهارة عالية لاستخدام برنامج مايكروسوفت أوفيس”


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At Salvo Grima, we are always on the lookout for smart business-minded people who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and seek personal growth with a passion for Procurement, Sales, Distribution, Travel Retail and Ship Supply.

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