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Salvo Grima Ship Supply - 'Seabourn Venture'

Salvo Grima ship supply

With more than a century and a half of working with vessels of all sizes from all around the globe, one would assume it may get a bit mundane. The reality is that there is no dull moment at Salvo Grima Ship Supply.

This week we were tasked to furnish provisions and various other categories of stores and equipment to the Seabourn Venture. This ultra-luxurious vessel was built by T. Mariotti, and is currently preparing to commence its voyages around the globe.

Salvo Grima Ship Supply has been selected to support this vessel. The captain and owners wanted to work with an established supplier with a proven track record.

Our team of dedicated individuals processed and handed off the stores to the crew in the requested time frame.

We are honoured to have been selected by the prestigious Seabourn Venture and look forward to supporting this vessel again in the beautiful Maltese ports.

Ship Vessel Crew