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Vladex BV is a leading wholesaler based in Middelharnis, Netherlands. Since its launch in 2001, the company began by specialising in supplies to the United Nations Missions and Military Bases before expanding into wholesale and provisions for ship suppliers.

Vladex B.V. was acquired by Salvo Grima Group Limited (Malta) in 2015 and, as a result, has since experienced strong signs of growth by venturing into new markets.

Positioned in a prime location near the top ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, Vladex B.V. remains an especially competitive force in the wholesale industry; delivering our products via land or by mixed container loads (FCL 6F, 10F, 20F, 40F).

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Our Wholesale Strategy

Strategy Vladex Wholesale

Vast Product Assortment – Our warehouses situated between Antwerp and Rotterdam are undeniably your one-stop-shop for mixed pallet/mixed contained assortments.


Experience in Complex Projects – Our history and exposure to past transactions has particularly equipped us to handle the activity of varying intricacy.


Total Logistics Solutions – Choose out of our array of logistical approaches that best suit your business requirements without delay.


Fast and Flexible – Our exposure to various demands has without a doubt educated us in preparing and supplying orders for rapid global dispatch and delivery.

Our Wholesale Vision

Vladex B.V. has a comprehendible yet coherent purpose – to maintain a key position as your trusted partner in food supplies. We hold that this is the most applicable method for the development of our business.

Assortment – to provide our customers with an extensive range of products that significantly satisfy their demands

People – to provide a friendly and empowering environment to inspire our staff to evidently reach their fullest potential

Productivity – to be an efficient and proactive organisation that pays attention to details to ensure maintenance our competitive edge

Logical – to ensure a smooth and straight-forward transactional process altogether for our customers

Yes-minded – to show flexibility in our business to particularly cater for a vaster range of operations

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Supplying an array of private label brands

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Additionally, visit our website to contact us for more information on our products and services.