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One of the very first employees outside of the Grima family, James Galea Testaferrata joined the Group in the year 1986. His initial position was as a Sales Representative, and right now holds the title of PR & Facilities Manager. Throughout the course of 37 years, he has held a variety of positions inside the Group.


James collaborated directly with the fifth-generation directors, including Robert Aquilina, Michael Aquilina Clews, and Vincent Borg-Carabott. He not only witnessed but also made significant contributions to all of Salvo Grima’s milestones.

Throughout his journey, he trained numerous managers and future generations, and he also had the opportunity to meet high-profile personalities, some of whom became our clients.

As for the Public Relations side, he is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee and the Salvo Grima Foundation. Among many accomplishments, he feels fulfilled by the recent action we took as a company in helping a bedridden student, where the company gave him a special computer and enabled him to get his PhD.


Before Salvo Grima, he completed four ‘A’ levels, which were equivalent to a degree in his day, and worked for a company that marketed items for marine engineering.

Furthermore, James’ fondness for restoring old properties and vintage cars keeps him occupied when he’s not at work or spending time with his family. 


James is unquestionably highly devoted, and diligent, and strongly believes in respect. Aside from his job, he belongs to a loving family.


Over the years, despite some setbacks, he has never let anything deter him from pursuing his passion for his line of work and has always treated the company as his own.

Let’s delve into James’ remarkable journey within the group and explore his significant contributions:

1986: James joined the company as a Sales Representative. He was one of the first employees outside of the Grima family and has contributed to the growth of business at the Malta drydocks & other harbours in Malta. The launch of Duty-Free services, a yachting department, and his finest achievement of all, No 12.

1989: James organized and went on one of the company’s first business trips to Scandinavia where they visited 90 clients in 10 days. This was repeated twice in 1991 and 1994.

1991: From this period onward, James organized trips and visited cruise line companies in America and persuaded them to visit, homeport in Malta, and buy from Salvo Grima. During this period, Salvo Grima exhibited at the Sea Trade Exhibition in Miami.

2016: He played a significant role in upgrading of Pinto House office before it was rented out to a reputable client.

James’ journey showcases his growth, adaptability, and commitment to excellence.

All your efforts throughout the years are much appreciated, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have you on #TeamSalvoGrima, James!